EP REVIEW: Sports Team — 'Keep Walking'

The last few years of the mainstream British indie scene been dominated by bands that blend into one big Topman-spray-on-skinny-jeans mess, perpetuating media headlines à la "Guitar Music is Dead”. And this is why Sports Team are exciting. Really exciting. In May last year BBC Radio 1 named the band’s single 'Kutcher' as their "Hottest Record in the World". Imagine it! From a band channeling their predecessors Pavement and Blur! And not just channeling, but reconstructing this heritage into something unique and compelling.

Radio aside, Sports Team have been spent the last year catching the collective attention of the scene with some incendiary live shows. Now, the band have released Keep Walking, which continues their trademark musings on British mundanities. The EP is undoubtedly stronger in performance and production than their previous records. So much so, that I’m finding it hard to not keep on replaying the 18 minute run-time.

Opening track 'M5' is a brilliant combination of fuzzed-out bass and rhythmic acoustic guitar, which gives the EP a real drive (get it?) and vitality. Also, like the rest of the EP, it is genuinely funny as singer Alex Rice caricatures a very specific motorway user. Give it a listen - you’ll picture exactly who he means. Despite the sonic similarities, 'Get Along' brings the pace down a touch to a more jangly pop-rock affair. The subtle synth gives it real depth, and the chorus is catchy as you like.

At the halfway point we get 'Ski Lifts', the stand-out of the EP. It has one of those nostalgic chord sequences, the kinda ones that gives you that feeling, you know? It’s just as catchy, if not more so than the previous entry; a classic in the making. 'Casper' is the slow-burner of the collection, and with some jazzy chord changes it really shimmers. The lighter rhythm section and twiddly riffs make it a great counterpoint to the record, keeping it more dynamic as a whole.

Finally, to round off Keep Walking we get 'Georgie'. It’s a jubilant finish, but sadder in feel. The sharp guitar lines are mellowed by some indie pop staple ‘ooohs’, but the track isn’t stifled for this. Often, the tried and tested methods are the best ones (and yes, I see the irony to my opening gambit - Keep Walking, pal).


Nick Stewart is the Station Manager COOL MOVES RADIO, and hosts the show Point Of Contact.